Get Involved With Your Fellow Students!


Hello everyone!

This page is designated for our schools Campus Activity Board (CAB)! In CAB we try to create and host campus wide events for our fellow students. We've hosted the Haunted House along with our leadership class led by Tasha Morwell, as well as the Spring Formal, and Highland Games. We also do smaller events that cater to students individual interests.

Our objective is to create a greater community on our campus and encourage our #MACFAM to be more active. If you would like to become a member please come to our weekly meetings, anyone is welcome to come! We would love to get your input and have already created events based on student requests, so don't be afraid to speak up! Have a fantastic day MacMurray College!



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This document can tell you when and where we have our weekly meetings, and shows information on who our executive board members are.

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