MacMurray College Counsil for Exceptional Children

The MacMurray College Council for Exceptional Children is a program that helps raise awareness of students with exceptionalities within the local community. Our vision is to promote understanding and acceptance of these amazing individuals.

Spring Field Day at Pathway 2014

The student CEC had great success at Pathway!  The students all had a wonderful time and enjoyed themselves, and the staff was appreciative and excited we came.  This was a great experience for all who attended.  Sharing the morning with these special students was a wonderful learning experience.  Even though it was a few hours, the time we spend was eventful and rewarding.  Thanks for all who came and participated.  Hopefully we can do more events like this in our future!

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This is the CEC National Webpage. This contains information about what CEC is doing around the country. It has dates of events, including local, as well.
This is the IL CEC Webpage. The site will direct you straight to our local Jacksonville Chapter 99.