Many of the historic buildings on MacMurray College's campus were constructed at a time when people with disabilities did not work at or attend college. Today, however, individuals with physical disabilities can access most buildings on the campus either with or without some accommodation. Services that are available to individuals with disabilities are listed below.

Accessible Parking

Accessible parking is available in public lots around the campus for students, staff, faculty, and visitors with disabilities and may be used with a state-issued placard.

Temporary accessible parking placards for use on campus only are available in the Disability Services office for students, staff, and faculty needing parking accommodations for short-term medical conditions.

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Elevator Access

Some elevators on campus require a key to access them. Students, staff, and faculty with long or short-term mobility impairments should contact the Office of Disability Services to discuss their accessibility needs and options for them on campus.

Classroom Access

Students and faculty who have long or short-term mobility impairments should contact the Office of Disability Services upon enrollment, hire, or injury to discuss classroom access needs. Students with disabilities requiring this accommodation will be placed on the Priority Registration list each semester to ensure their classes are scheduled in rooms accessible to them.

Kathryn Hall Access

Kathryn Hall is not currently wheelchair accessible. Anyone who needs to access offices located there and is unable to negotiate stairs or requires the use of a wheelchair may contact the Admissions Department Administrative Assistant or any of the individual offices and someone will make arrangements to accommodate.


Videophones are available for student, staff, and faculty use. They are located in the Henry Pfeiffer Library and the Center for Learning Excellence/Jenkins Education Complex and are available for use during regular business hours at those locations.