What is sexual assault?

The MacMurray College Sexual Conduct Policy defines sexual assault and misconduct in the following ways:

  • Sexual Assault occurs when the act is intentional and is committed by sexual penetration and any of the following conditions exist: force or threat of force, the perpetrator knows the victim does not understand the nature of the act, or victim is incapable of giving consent.
  • Sexual Misconduct occurs when the act is committed and is defined as any intentional or knowingly touching or fondling directly or through clothing of the sex organs, buttocks, or breasts of either person for the purpose of sexual gratification or arousal of either person in which the victim does not give or is unable to give consent.
  • Effective Consent is defined as a clear, positive agreement; is best attained verbally prior to sexual interaction; is not assumed based on any prior relationship; and cannot be given by a person who is asleep or mentally or physically incapacitated, either through the effect of drugs, alcohol, or for any other reason.

Why would I fill out this form?

This information will be used to help enhance understanding of our campus climate so that we may strengthen sexual violence response and prevention efforts, as well as for statistical purposes. Survivors and third-party/bystanders can also use this form to report and/or request support.

What happens with this information?

In addition to tracking sexual assaults where MacMurray students are either the survivors or offenders, MacMurray College may take disciplinary action against the offender and/or the associated group (e.g. club, organization). Please note: Completing this form does not constitute a police report or a student conduct report. You will not be contacted by the College unless you indicate a desire to be contacted on this form.

What if I would like to speak with a person?

To talk to a person about the incident, contact the Office of the Dean of Student Life at 217-479-7062, the Title IX Coordinator at 217-479-7156, or Health Services at 217-479-7160.  The Dean of Student Life is available on call after hours by contacting the Office of Campus Safety and Security at 217-37-3207.

Paper Copy

If you would prefer to print a copy of this form, it is available on My Mac.edu.  Please mail to

Office of the Dean of Student Life
MacMurray College
447 East College Avenue
Jacksonville, IL 62650

Reporter's Information (the reporter and survivor can be different people)

Today's Date

Reporter's Name (optional)

Reporter's Relationship to Survivor

Reporter's Gender

Check this box if you are reporting a sexual assault, but you are not the survivor.

I (the person making this report) would like to be contacted by someone from the following MacMurray College offices (please check as many as apply):
Dean of Student Life
Title IX Office
Health Services

Please contact me using the following phone number and/or email address.



Survivor's Information

Survivor's Name (optional)

Survivor's Gender

Survivor's Age

Survivor's affiliation to MacMurray College:
Not affiliated

Offender(s)' Information

Note: If an offender(s)' name or group affiliation is listed, the institution may take action with the offender(s) or group.

Number of Offender(s)

Names of Offender(s) (optional)

Gender of offender(s):
Multiple Males
Multiple Females
Males and Females

Offender(s)' affiliation to MacMurray College:
Not Affiliated

Offender(s)' relationship to survivor:
Partner, girlfriend, or boyfriend
Ex-partner, girlfriend, or boyfriend
Partner, girlfriend, or boyfriend
Faculty, teaching assistants
Staff member
Work supervisor
Colleague or co-worker

Offender(s)' use of alcohol and other drugs (check all that apply):
Used alcohol
Used drugs other than alcohol
Unknown whether alcohol or drugs were used

Assault Information

Date of Assault

Time of Assault

Location of assault (check all that apply):
Survivor's dorm room
Offender's dorm room
Campus building:
Residence hall
Off-campus apartment/house
Parking lot

Reported assault (check all that apply):

Attempted sexual assault/misconduct
Completed sexual assault/misconduct ( Oral Vaginal Anal)

Was the survivor given alcohol and/or other drugs without consent or knowledge?
Yes, alcohol
Yes, drugs

If yes, did the survivor feel pressure to consume or use?

Other Reports

To your knowledge, has anyone previously reported this incident to another department or office (Student Life, Title IX, Security, Health Services, Residential Life, etc.) or external agency (hospital, police, etc.)?

Description of the Incident